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>> snow on the ground gives us a good idea where the tracks are going. >> sending everything up here. >> wilderness east of los angeles, police call him a cop killer on fought and on the run. >> showers becoming more numerous and wet in san francisco. right now i'll give you a close-up look at live doppler 7 hd. >> only on 7 news tonight. drowning of man at public beach. why the rescue squad now says it had no obligation to save him. >> also my exclusive conversation with 2 local
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police chiefs who take the fight against crime very personally. they tell me they personally. they tell me they can
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>>. >> rain came down pretty hard in san francisco. people had to bring out their umbrella. this is a live picture from emery ville. you can see the skies are full of clouds and fair amount of rain. good evening. let's get right to spencer who is tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd tonight. >> all right dan. downpour like the one you saw brief but soaking nonetheless. here's a look at live doppler 7 h d.a lot of activity offshore moving
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in our direction but also raining overland areas and that includes san francisco south san francisco san mateo. other locations on the peninsula and across the bay over to hayward. san ramone and showers and locally heavy down power like on the video. north bay area of alaska weather sea ranch and bodega bay. more con sun at at any rated right around san francisco and on the northern part of the peninsula. rain fall total last 24 hours still not impress knife most locatio location. less than tenth of rain in last 24 hours. nearly quarter in san francisco. over three-tenths in mountain upbt saint helena more on the way. how much to expect and when to expect it in my accu-weather forecast a little bit later. >> ovrng thank you. dangerous storm back east now cancelled more than 3000 flights including dozens of san francisco international airport and jet blue flight from oakland to jfk cancelled.
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today people hit the stores buying grocery and supplies and that part of the country. necessity could get up to 2 feet of snow between tomorrow and saturday. new york city half a foot. next to the man hunt for a cop killer. >> officer shot multiple times. >> they were stopped at red light and were just ambushed by the suspect. >>reporter: suspect this man. former los angeles cop accused of gunning down fellow officers and family in revenge killing. >> multiple women at his disposal including assault rifles. this is vendetta against southern california lawen forms. >>reporter: authorities did find christopher district district attorneyer burned out truck in the mountains near big spear but 2 hours east ofless ang. he was not in the vehicle so the search continues now police believe doern walked away and he's being searched near by. alert now in effect for los angeles police department. news conference going on as we speak. if we
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can dip here and hear a little bit of that. this is police news dmovrns southern california. about i'm not aware of any explosive, no. >> 400 homes. searched so far or total number you estimate searched. >> that's an estimate of the number of homes that they expect to search and i would estimate that they have searched more than half of those. >> are the ground crew telling you. >>reporter: this is live news conference going on in southern california as authorities continue a search that has gone on all day for a killer cop. ex cop now suspected of killing a police officer and as you heard that public information officer talking about they have searched several hundred homes in the big bear area where his car was found and but the search continues for the man and again a tactical alert on
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the l.a. p k tonight which means no end to the police shift. they will find this guy. he is suspected cop killer. very dangerous. david wright begins our coverage here. >> tonight by air. land. and sea. and all out man hunt. suspect one of their own. 33-year-old christopher former lapd officer now an alleged cop killer. police say he isn't just targeting cops but the family too. >> this has gone far enough. nobody else needs to die. >>reporter: killing spree started sunday in orange county with the baffling double murder of popular college basketball coach and her fiance. monica kwan and death lawrence shot in cold blood that's sat in the car. only last night did authorities put 2 and 2 together. kwan is the daughter of retired lapd captain randy kwan who was instrumental in getting christopher fired. rambling manifest posted on
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line he blames kwan and other lapd officers of a smear campaign after christopher said fellow officer committed police brutality. manifest vow convenient advance and i'll bring war fare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. early this morning that appeared to be no idol threat. 1:25 am. krohn an hour east of l.a. police officers acting on tip exchange gunfire with man believed to be christopher. officer grazed by the bullet unable to pursue. 1:45. riverside two more officers on protective detail ambushed. one killed. the other seriously injured. >> officer shot multiple times. >>reporter: by sunrise jitter l.a. police opened fire on this blue truck similar to the suspect. but the people inside were just innocent bystanders. police closing rank protecting themselves. >> we are extremely careful and worried about this individual.
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we are taking every precaution we can. >>reporter: tonight anderson cooper showed viewers a package he received from the suspect. inside the panel was a note reading in part quote i never lied apparently in reference to his dismissal from the lapd in 2008. late today polic spotted this truck. burning in the mountains northeast of l.a. . >> the facebook page includes the 7-year-old photo of him with police chief. oakland city council agreed to hire him as consultant to the police department. now he has spoken today about what happened in the southern california and who is this guy christopher and why is he reportedly open this deadly rampage? some answers tonight from abc news reporter nick watt. >> he lives here in orange county with his mother. forensic psychologist who just read his manifest has a startl startling conclusion.
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christopher never planning to return home. >> i think he wants to kill as many people as he can and then be killed. >>reporter: 4 years ago he says when he was fired by the lapd he claimed a colleague kicked detainee department disagrees. former chief who once met christopher doesn't remember the case. >> believe me the department exhaustive effort and multiple series of trials and review before an officer would be discharged. >>reporter: nobody grows up an wants to be a cop kill wrote him. it was against everything i ever believe. in the wram licensing 6000 word statement christopher wants to clear his name he says and expose corruption. >> he is narcissistic. he is grandiose. >>reporter: that is a personality disorder but based on the manifest doctor doesn't believe christopher is insane.
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>> he knows what he is doing. >>reporter: why now? he was honorably discharged from u.s. navy reserve just last friday after 10 years service. including a tour in the persian gulf. was that the trigger for this killing spree? evidence of careful careful mraichblingt i have more questions than do i have answers at this point. >> christopher gets apparent wish if killed we might never know the whole truth. abc news los angeles. >> again we'll continue to kind updated moment by moment as need be on the search for this man in southern california. moving on, though, 2 men one armed with gun threatened to kill a fair field school custodian unless he told them where the school i-pad were committee. happened last nature about 10:00 p.m. at the continuation school on east alaska avenue. again in fairfield police say the robber forced the nuys night custody i don't know to lead to the i-pad and used duct tape to bind him to the desk. they stole 40 and
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fled on foot. custodian not injured. >> when man tried to drown himself at beach in alameda local rescuers said at the time they were not properly strand to save him. they didn't go in the water. tonight the city claims they didn't even have to try. the man died at crown beach in alameda on memorial day in 2011. allen fwhit important hearing that took place in the case today. >> when 53-year-o raymond zack wandered neck high into the frigid water off alameda crown breach onlookers wondered why police and firefighters stood by as the man succumbed to hypothermia and drowned. >> california by law has created a series of privileges for police fire nishtion court today the attorney for alameda said it was not their duty to prevent zack from committing suicide. >> law specifically says the officers are immune for their actions unless they go in and make the situation worse. >>reporter: but attorneys for
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zack brother robert zack who is suing alameda say the fire department did make the situation worse. >> they cleared the beach. they stopped people from communicate with zack. stopped people from walking out to try to establish contact and talk to him. to reassure and insist him in. instead they stood there and did nothing and watched him slowly die. >>reporter: also another reason why the fire department watched zack drown. budget constraint kept them from being recertified to carry out ocean rescue. even refused to retrieve his body from the water and let civilian wade out to get him. >> i think there was duty established and the system have expectation. >>reporter: also a political twist. city was revving to pay firefighters for the extra time needed to recertify the water rescue decree depositional. >> whole thing held up for 3 years while nothing was done. public put at risk meanwhile. all this time with nobody available to do water rescue training while they fight over whether they get time and a half. >>reporter: whether or not
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raymond zack became a political pawn is not being decided here. instead the judge is deciding whether or not these firefighters had the duty to rescue him or the immunity to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. decision expected to kilometer did you know as early as this friday. reporting from the alameda county superior court in hayward, abc 7 news. very busy thursday night. coming at 9:00. it's who is who of political heavy weight in sacramento and they say it's time to put politics aside. issue that is bringing them together. >> plus 2 people break no a home. shoot 3 people and then take off with nothing. how the victims are doing tonight. >> successful test run for boeing troubled new dream lirp. how successful it was. hear from an east bay seventh grader who sent her hello kitty doll into space. find out why she did it and w
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'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >> gun violence is at the top of the list for some california lawmakers tonight who want the state to have the toughest gun laws anywhere in the country. annette has more tonight on sacramento]iñ.
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>> 50 shots fired in a span of 30 seconds. police chief of one of california violent cities says he needs help getting guns off the street. >> i live a mile away from that intersection. so i could tell you firsthand this is a quality of life issue. >> to help logical city senate democrat unveil 10 bills top priority this session. needing only a majority vote n.recent week they have talked up requiring a permit to purchase ammunition and seizing weapon from people who aren't supposed to have them. but they also now want to ban deattachable magazine completely. change the definition of an illegal shotgun to include the new technology of a shotgun rifle combination and require all guns to be registered with the state closing current gaps. >> we need to lead the way. new york has stepped up and stepped forward. california needs to answer the call. >> a lot of the bills are infringement of the second amendment. >>reporter: but gun owner say the proposal wouldn't have
9:18 pm
stopped massacre like sandy hook had they been enacted what would stop the kill centers would be somebody who is lawfully carrying with ccw, concealed carry weapon permit. >>reporter: many family who lost loved twouns gun veils see the sentence proposal as step in the right direction. >> it's so awful to lose your child and to lose them in this way that many of the know we have to work on spaering other parents of going through that e-assembly has been busy too with more gun control bills. latest measure requires gun owners to buy liability insurance. in sacramento, abc 7 news. vallejo police need help catching 2 suspects who force their way into a home and shot 3 family members inside this morning. 3 people shot brother sister and mother are expected to survive thank goodness. attack happened on north vallejo at 3:00 a.m. police say it may have been an attempted home invasion robbery but nothing stolen. >> not surely why they were
9:19 pm
specifically targeted but at this point we treaty it as random attack. detectives work on the needs and hopefully come out a reason why. >> 2 people responsible described add both wearing hoodie and carrying pistol that's the best description they more police work to do there in vallejo. >> talk about the weather forecast. bay area getting rain. spencer tracking it on live doppler 7 hd. >> weather by the moment. few downpour in san francisco near abc 7 and continue to fall across the bear. live view from the east bay camera at emeryville. clouds in the sky there and wet spots around the bay area. showers not very wide spread but some have been locally heavy. downpour have been. here's live doppler 7hd trail of showers reach from san francisco and out over the bay south west across the planes in the santa cruz mountains. street level here parts of burlingame. san mateo o. crystal springs road and along florence city bluffed see rain pushing out over the bay now.
9:20 pm
east bay to livermore. dublin. san ramone wet along main street. castro valley rain and santa cruz mountain and heavy downpour here across boulder correct and south to scott vale some developing near santa cruz about move to move on shore. wet spots around the bay area. one area just moving into western sonoma county at the moment up around jenner and out towards forestville road. temperatures at this moment generally in the 40's dropped to tloon at novato. chilly in some location up in the north bay and in the interior eastrecs tonight. possible thunder yes that's right. snow level dropping below 3000 feet and bay area hilltop highest peak snow flake in the early morning hours. dry and maileder over the weekend. we have a beach hazard statement issued by national weather service in effect through saturday morning
9:21 pm
highest tide of the month seen tomorrow morning and saturday morning near seven feet it will be. up in the atmosphere happening on satellite radar composite image. first front brought us showers this morning well ynd the bay area now. next impulse bringing wave of showers witness as well. start the forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we see fairly wide spread shower activity through the central part of the bay area doing overnight early morning hours. sweep through to the south with showers. start to taper off in the north bay but much east bay south bay pepsi la still showers at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning maybe a little snow top mount hamilton the area of snow will probably expand and continue until the midmorning hours and midday late afternoon we see the showers pretty much over except for maybe a little isolated shower activity near san jose. see at least partly sunny skies in the afternoon hours and by the end of it all 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we see rain fall total between tenth inch and a half inch across the bay area generally.
9:22 pm
sierra winter weather advisory 10:00 o'clock about to expire right now. the snow has almost ended there. significant snow fall back in the bay area low in the 30's and interior valley low 40's rate around the bay and near the coast line and of course it's wet by giving way to dryer conditions in the afternoon tomorrow with high pressure only in the low to mid 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. dry over the weekend and dry all of next week and warming up. milder i should say high reaching into the low to mid 60's by midweek next week which is far cry from where we are right now. >> thanks very much. >> get this. there is asteroid headed our way. that's not on live doppler 7hd and could do damage fit hit us on earth. that's not the expectation but it will come awfully close. ithere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> boeing has permission to conduct new test flights of the troubled 787 dream liner. here you see one landing today at boeing plant near seattle. until now this is the only flight approved by the government since the entire fleet of dream liners grounded last month. ntsb said today it found a short circuit in the lift um ooip battery of plane that caught fire. officials unavailable to say what caused it but they say the design of the battery made in japan. all dream liner flights from san jose to tokyo cancelled through at least the end of march. >> you may have herd asteroid heading for earth. it was a report from nasa today both
9:27 pm
unsettling and also reassuring because it's expected to miss our planet. we asked wayne to put it into perspective. >> not so long agatha mankind lived in blissful ignorance then we learned the earth is round, flies through space and is a manufacturing target. >> earth exist in cosmic sitting gallery. >> research series more could go if i santa of most of us expert on asteroid that makes him a perfect source for background on space rock known as 2012 da 14 that pass near earth on february 15. never heard of it this one is really cool because it's coming so close. >>reporter: mere 17,000 miles or so closest pass of asteroid we have ever detected. at least among the twhawns didn't hit us. >> just look at the crater on the moon and you can see a what at the time earth has been over 4 billion years. >>reporter: in 19 08 a similar asteroid with a force 1,000
9:28 pm
times stronger than the first atom bomb in sibiria wiping out 800 square miles. 2012 da 14 slightly larger about the size of a building. we know this because nasa has a complex system to track such objects. >> we found almost 10,000 but many,000 more we have not yet found. >>reporter: have we identified the ones a threat in the near future. >> we have identified all the ones mail or bigger and fortunately none of them is on a collision course with earth. >>reporter: that's a rehalf. as for also asteroids like the one whizzing by open the 15 they only hit the planet roughly once every one,000 years or so but you are probably wondering what would happen if it came down over the bay area? really want to know? >> kill 1 million people. >>reporter: over nevada. >> tourist attraction. >>reporter: on positive side no chance of this asteroid returning as it passes by. earth gravity will bend the orbit out of harm's way. case
9:29 pm
of dodging the cost mechanic bullet then deflecting it. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> coming up next. story you will see only on abc 7 news tonight. my exclusive conversation with 2 local police chief who take the fit against crime personally. they tell me they can do better. >> also on 7 news. antioch girl science project goes viral. elaborate planning behind her mission to send her hello kitty doll into space. >> and not often that senators eat their words but that's what happened today for california top legislators there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number.
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police on both sides of the bay are trying to prevent the same level of violence seen in 2012 in oakland and san francisco. oakland already off to bloody start. 4 people killed in 4 separate shootings in one day in january. tonight only on 7 an exclusive interview with the top cops in both cities. howard jordan and greg sir. first time they sit down together to answer my question about his what is happening open the streets and what they plan to do. >> you said the violent crime el rate in oak land was embarrassing to the city and to you. why are you embarrassed? >> because as police chief, da dan, it's important that that our officers and the direction that we give is to protect the citizens of oakland. i feel in embarrassed because i don't think we were able to do a very good job of doing that. >>reporter: murders make that clear. 131 people were killed on the streets of oakland last year. most sense 2006 when 148 people lost their lives to violence. burglary up by more than 40 percent. roughly 33
9:34 pm
every single day in 2012. >> not making an excuse you are saying you could do bet. >> when you fears day you realize the buck stops with yo you. >>reporter: accountability is also something san francisco police chief accepts and expects. his department investigated 68 murders in 2012 and increase over the 3 previous years. do you take it personally time. totally. i don't think anybody should want the chef of police to be 8 differentment if you don't take it personally then item not the job for you. i mean we own it. >>reporter: part of owning it is dealing with officers who fall short of expectation or worse. this video shows san francisco cops entering residential hotel rooms without warrants and sometimes stealin stealing. police in oakland have had their challenges with trust as well. aggressive response to occupy protest didn't help. both chiefs believe trust is earned. which
9:35 pm
80's they ask officers to build relationship with beat and on line. >> we have seen up take in cooperation in some of our neighborhood where we have never seen that before. >>reporter: do you attribute that to the level of violence that we have seen that it may a tipping point that people have decided we can't sit back and just take it any more. >> i think that is one of the reasons dan. they are starting to have confidence in the judicial system. that starts to happen when they trust the system trust the police. understand what it takes to cooperate with the police. and how important it is for them to be a part of that process. >>reporter: cops talking with the community helps fight and even predict crime. at least that's the theory. >> that's why we put effort into finding the people and preventing the next murder from happening. >>reporter: but you haven't prevented the next murder from happening. tide being stemmed in terms of the killing on the
9:36 pm
street. reality. >> in some areas we have actually made a lot of predic predicting or training to where the next shooting is going take place. >>reporter: that kind of police work is made tougher when down hundreds of officers. budget cut hurt both kept making them less pro active more reactive. >> if you are going call to call to call you don't get to do that. >>reporter: that's what you are doing now. >> that's what we are doing as fast as we can in san francisco with the resources we have. >>reporter: you always will say you need more cops. >> he says get me back to what voter aproof as fully staffed police norse 1971. >> you won't ask me ask for another officer until i get to 1971. i'll make good use of every single copy get on my way there. >>reporter: that's not aichele to happen any time soon. so these 2 law men must protect people as best they can with what they have. both chiefs approach crime as regional
9:37 pm
problem requiring cooperation between their departments, officers often work case on both sides of the bridge. >> i think it will get better and better and make both city safer as by product. >>reporter: crime problem in some way is san francisco crime problem and visa versa 8. absolutely. >>reporter: i also asked both chiefs about gun control. national debate with new intensity of course after the sandy hook elementary and both support the rights of gun owner they believe strongly there needs to be change. ban internet gun sales and high capacity assault rifles among other measures. i did not include the chief of police of the bay area other major city san jose because they have a new interim chief in place. when the permanent chief is hired i'll certainly sit down for slav conversation. >> san jose annual state of the city address has ended within the past hour. mayor reid says he plans to the layout the new goals for the city including restoring pay to workers who took cuts during the budget crisis and increased support
9:38 pm
for police services. in order to do that the mayor says tax increase is necessary. not everyone is willing to pay. >> we are already paying too much. >> we have to good to the balance lieutenant to get voter permission that would be in 2 2014. maybe june. maybe november. all depends on voter support but we have done some polling and the voters think we are moving in the right direction. >> that poll found 70% of voters support a quarter percent sales tax increase with you only 57 percent approve of an half percent hike. >> state lawmakers trying once again to give california a piece of the huge sports betting pie. bill has been introduced to legalize sports beting in the goalen state. one argument that the millions of dollars bet in las vegas for sporting event like the superbowl come from pockets of californians driving across the border. >> all right a huge sports book business iornia the only change had a this would make is that the california taxpayers would get some benefit from the
9:39 pm
business that is already taking place. >>reporter: one big obstacle federal law prohibiting sports beting in all 4 states. nevada being one. similar bill last year passed the state accept at but could not get out of the assembly. talking about superbowl better. senator feinstein and boxer paid up their food bet to maryland 2 senators. nap valley chardonnet, sour dough bread and cheese and humble fog the goodies plus one more. >> this is real crap. it is called dungeness crab. it was caught a few days ago in a trap off of the golden gate bridge. >>reporter: senator later snapped the crab in two. counter part senator card promised to perform victory dance out of sight of the photographers unfortunately. love to get it on tape. this next story unbelievable just
9:40 pm
delightful. >> east bay seventh grader science experiment national sensation. thanks to creative you tube video and her unwavering commitment to sending hole kitty doll into space. of laura has our story you are seeing only on abc 7 news. >> this is not the average seventh grade science project. but sending her hello kidy doll more than 90,000 feet that space seemed like the perfect idea to 13-year-old lauren. >> my dad and i were watching tv and it was about these this commercial came on about these 3 guys who sent a balloon up into space i thought it would be the coolest project ever. >> all systems go. >>reporter: kitty flight made in a 4 minute you tube video by a family friend. image were captured by mounting 4 camera to a rocket shape gondola. weather balloon and flit recorder came from altitude science specialized dmo
9:41 pm
colorado. >> i'm blown away. she did an amazing job. thrilled l my heart to see somebody just find something in sigh thaens they love and go for it. >> creative contraption reached altitude of nearly 18 miles before the balloon burst due to thin air then thanks to parachute and gps locator they floated gently back to aevrment settling in a tree. 47 miles from its launch site. >> glad to see it. >> my gosh yes. i was a little unhappy landing 50 foot tree because i was like know-how are we going to get it down. ended up calling ann arborist to call it dine. >>reporter: the flight caught on with more than 300,000 view on you tube. numbers climbing. thoroughly her project wildly successful but still one hurdle ahead. school science fair. are you nervous? >> yes. i am because i get in front of a large crowd i get a little scared. i can't wait to tell them about my project.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: in antioch, abc 7 7 news. how cool is that? well coming up next. power of pop or the power of propaganda. bizarre video of soldiers in syria dancing to hit song by usher. >> you turn that turned in a giant trafficm
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9:46 pm
have been filed. in hong kong finding apple and norngs boxes labeled as fruit airport officials found more than 2000 snakes. some of them cobra. they are being they were stuffed inside bag and hidden in about 120 foam container in a plane from bangkok labeled as fruit. smuggle snake are now back on their way to thailand. all sorts of video viral and music and sometimes a little bit of both. ♪ no one know what is to make of the video showing syrian soldiers dance to go a hit song by ushe usher. clip was has appeared open web said supported by the government suggesting it might be a late hearted moment but it's also on site run by activist who say it shows regime forces going crazy by dancing to western music. and in italy this. driver tries and fails to execute this the u turn in a narrow street.
9:47 pm
horn start blaring. gets stuck while attempting to reverse then a bunch of cars motorcycle eventually church procession adds to the chaos and the bottle neck finally police come in clear things up. and the crowd applauds with appreciation. there they go. >> it's okay. success. >> well still ahead tonight on 7 news. skateboarder raises his arms in triumph. what he just accomplished and why not just accomplished and why not everyone is applauding
9:48 pm
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9:50 pm
>> weather center they are tracking some rain tonight and spencer is back with live doppler 7 hd. >> that's right. we look at widely scattered but some locally heavy showers. a lot of activity offshore and some
9:51 pm
hitting land area. look at active weather moving out over the east bay and moving from the peninsula from redwood city and out over the bay towards parts of fremont, hayward and union city. and also a little bit of shower activity in livermore as well. pose of the heavy activity out over the bay in the water of san francisco bay. showers around about diego a bay in sonoma county up to wind or and santa rosa and lots of action offshore that will eventually hit land areas overnight state wide tomorrow looking at snow in the sierra. snow reaching over to the great basin across nevada. showers down in southern california but much more than half of the state drying out tomorrow including bay area after some morning showers see partly sunny skies tomorrow. high not low mid 50's. accu-weather 7 day forecast. drying up begins tomorrow the afternoon then sunny dry weather for the next 6 days and much milder next week with high pressure climbing back into the 60's.
9:52 pm
>> thanks very much. >> skateboarder facing arrest for reckless neglect road behavior. erases arms in triumph after triggering a speed camera clocking him at 60 miles an hour. down steep road in taip cape town, south africa. gps sensor fit into the ankle and kept track of the speed. friend filmed the stunt with a camera strapped to the car bumper. authorities wish had he not done that. open public street. >> he is going to be the coolest guy in jail. everybody will love that video. >> larry back after terrific week in new orleans covering the superbowl nasty to have you back. great job. >> now for low speed fun. at pebble beach. 5 and a half hours per round but bill murray know thousands keep it entertaining signing every enter[ male announcer ]ery citibank's app for ipad
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. very latest on ongoing search for christopher corner in southern california tonight and accused cop killer and former cop himself. we track the rain as it moves across the bay area with leif doppler 7 hd. spencer updated but sandhya here at 11 with the latest as well. shopping for roses. what you will find when you go on line may not be what you expect. we have done leg work and we have that story tonight at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7 but mr. beall with all the sports tonight and great day for golf. spotty with weather. >> they were expecting really rainy conditions down there but it actually was nice. this is one of the situation where is quarterback change led to caddy change. last year you remember jim harbaugh played pebble beach his caddie alex smith. tough to talk alex into it this year. caddie not kaepernick. it was defensive coordinator for the frainers. nick. to pebble beach how cute are these
9:57 pm
little kids. that's not a great look right there. bill murray sporting the mutt ton chop. autograph the woman forehead then sweatshirt. she will never wash it again. murray is pretty sear because the golf game. 12 handicap. won ate couple years ago. he and his partner tied for 51 at 5 under par playing monterey peninsula. approach shot. drawn back toward the hole. within 15 feat. former secretary of state rice hit spectator in the head during today round. fan is okay. face to chip right here. no danger to anybody. over at pebble the putt. lack how picturesque that is. hunter with the 6 under 66 at pebble. tied with russell for the led after round one. golf coach stef told us last year that he thought this year team would be better than the 2011-2012 squa squad. rank as high as 30 a years ago. turns out he was
9:58 pm
right. cal no. 1 in the country. no. 1 play in the nation. sophomore kim in 6 tournament this season. bears 1 5 time inindividually. kim won two in a row and no other golfer has ever been there. >> no. apparently the zero. that's always nice. building to this. came in. gaining weight getting stronger and little by little getting better and better. >> head coach lead company receiving ambassador of golf award. first coach ever to 7 that honor. one of the former players who showed him the highlights made some news open subpoenaed after he buried a 25 foot birdie putt at the fame 16 hoet hole in phoenix celebrating gang am style. >> that was quite a show notice
9:59 pm
didn't teach him that. lee said the same thing apartment monterey country club what the writers. i'm just not that cool. i have to tell you that was quite a show. >>reporter: working it. college hoop. once again st. mary's has the best college basketball team in the bay area. putting the 19 and 4 record on the line tonight at santa clara. santa clara hoping to snap the 7 game winning streak. held scoreless most of the night but lighting it up. started off 4 of 4 beyond the ark. 21 points last check. evan trying to keep the broncos close. the floater hits. but santa clara down 10. broncos defense blacking holt to wide open mitchell young. 72-55 gails about to close it out for the 20th win of the year. face arizona state. mr mr. sun devil. a litt
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